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Programme description

The FINA Scholarship Programme offers the opportunity to obtain financial and technical assistance for one potential elite athlete selected and proposed by their respective National Federation.

The scholarship will support the athlete in its preparation and qualification for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio (BRA), with a particular focus on athletes and NFs with the greatest needs.

The awarded athletes may train in one of the training centres established by FINA or in one of the national training centres located in his/her country of residence.

Programme Goals

 Identify, prepare and qualify a limited number of atheltes aspiring to participate in the FINA WCHs and OG.


The FINA Scholarships Programme is aimed to promote universal representation at the FINA World Championships and Olympic Games.

The scholarship holder must have the following profile:

  • Sufficient technical level to be able to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
  • The athlete must proof that he/she achieved a time within the 2016 RIO Olympic Games “B” standard and the FINA “S” standard range.
  • The athlete must be available to attend the training centre for the whole period of the programme and assure that he/she does not have other current commitments

The scholarship will be awarded only to athletes to whom the programme will make a significant difference in their training and who do not have access to alternative means of paying for their preparation.